Pokemon GO to launch in India Soon!

Everyone is still wondering when Pokemon Go will launch here in India and all the more so now that there are reports that the Japan launch has been delayed and sadly.
Latest reports today indicate that a global release for the game is imminent over the next few days, specially after its launch in Japan and Hong Kong. There were speculations of whether the game will launch first in South America or Asia. If the game would have launched in South America first, it would have meant that Indian would have to wait longer for the game. But, since the game entered Asia first, an official Indian launch looks imminent.
Latest reports also revealed, citing official sources, that the rest of the Asian countries including India, Singapore, Malaysia and China, as well as the rest of the world, would be receiving the game either this week or in the next week.
Website MMO Server Status also revealed that several Asian countries including India, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia have been added to the Pokemon Go server list in the last few hours.
The new servers added to the list includes India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
Sadly, we don’t have any official status just yet, though we still have our fingers crossed that the game will officially launch in India real soon.
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