How to check Pokémon Go Server Status? Here’s how you can!

Pokémon Go has become such a worldwide phenomenon that when its servers experience problems, it’s a disaster for Pokétrainers everywhere. And since the game launched in 26 new countries over the weekend, coupled with alleged cyber attacks from a couple of hacking collectives, the server issues which have plagued the game since it launched have been worse than ever.
But since the problems have been so frequent, it’s often hard to tell whether the servers have completely crashed, or it’s a problem with your own connection. Luckily, there is help at hand in the form of a number of websites that will tell you whether the Go servers are up, down, unstable, when they went down, and a log of issues in the past few hours to a past few days.
Since being launched in New Zealand, Australia, and the US, Pokémon Go has suffered numerous server issues. The game was released in the UK last week, with 26 other countries being added to the list on Saturday, and Canada getting the game on Monday – adding to the server woes.
The game’s combination of real-world maps and augmented reality gameplay has proved incredibly popular among mobile gamers. Pokémon Go has now been downloaded more than 15 million times and is already on more than 10% of Android phones.
We have monitored a lot of websites which informs you about Pokémon Go server status and outage and shortlisted these five for you!

1. Pokémon GO – Server Status

Pokémon GO - Server Status
Pokémon GO – Server Status website is the simplest of all. It updates every minute and lets you know whether Pokémon Go’s servers are online, offline or unstable. To remind you Pokémon Go currently works on two types of servers. One for Pokémon Trainers Club’s account login and the other one for Google account login. The website also offers notification service to let you know when the servers go back online, if enabled. Unfortunately, the notification service doesn’t work on mobile devices right now.
This is a pretty neat, simple and straight forward website designed specially for non-technical people who know nothing about server uptime and latency and are just concerned about a simple answer to their question. If you are one of them, then you should definitely bookmark this website.

2.Is Pokémon Go Down or Not

Is Pokémon Go Down or Not
Is Pokémon Go Down or Not is a website designed for technical individuals who know technical know-how about servers. This website offers a lot of information about the game’s efficiency.
First value shows whether the server health is Ok or Critical. Ok means the servers are doing fine and Critical means the servers may go down any second from now.
Next, it shows server uptime for past 24 hours and 4 hours respectively. The values are in percentage, so if the value shows 99% it means the server were up and working for the past 24/4 hours from now.
Then comes Login Queries in US and Europe, again OK means you can login with no issues whereas Critical indicates Login Issues.
Then comes Current Server Latency. Server Latency in simple words mean that the time duration taken by server to receive, process and return information from and back to the user. So, the values are generally in mili seconds. A Current Server Latency of 500 ms indicates that it takes half a second to receive, process and return information from and back to the user. In simple words a slow server. A value less than 250 ms indicates a fast server.
The best part of this website is that it tells you whether you should place Lures/Incense or not. The value is again in percentage wich indicates the percentage of benefit you can gain by placing a 30 minute Lure/Incense.
After that comes Login Wait Time. This is displayed in seconds, which tells you how long you have to wait before you can successfully log into the game.
The last two parameters on the website are just graphical form of server uptime and latency values displayed in percentage for the past 24 and 4 hours.

3.MMO Server Status

MMO Server Status
MMO Server Status is another useful website which tells you whether specifically server of your country is hit or other countries as well. This can also be used to monitor the launch of the game in future countries as well. If you see new server being added to the list this means the game is just about to launch in that country.

4. Pokémon Go Outage Map

Pokémon Go Outage Map
Pokémon Go Outage Map as the name suggests informs you with live Pokémon Go Outage Map it shows you specific region which are hit by server down time and outages instead of geeky server stats.

5. Pokémon Go Outage Stats

Pokémon Go Outage Stats
Pokémon Go Outage Stats is offered by the same website which offers Pokémon Go Outage Map. This website shows reports of Pokémon Go issues reported by users in the past 24 hours. We thought of including this website in the list as we found the stats shown on this website accurate and it also lets you report issues as well.
That’s it for this post, for now, we will keep you updated as we find more information about Pokémon Go servers issues. Till then, stay tuned for more updates! Do Share your Thoughts in the Comments section below and Do Not forget to Check Out our Trending Now section!
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