Google’s Project Fi wireless service now open to everyone in the US

Google Project Fi wireless service

Google has been working to bring out a special wireless program from quite some time and as expected, Google officially announced Project Fi. When launched, it was an invite-only program for Nexus 6 owners also requiring some pre-requisites to enter into this program. But just 10 months after Google unveiled the project Fi, the company is opening access to everyone inside the United States. For the next month, Google is discounting the Nexus 5X down to $199 as an inexpensive way to get started with Fi, which only works with Nexus smartphones.

What is Project Fi :

Project Fi is Google’s brand new initiative to provide a special wireless service which will automatically search for better wireless connection and make a seamless switch to it without considering whether the connection is 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi. Suppose if you are connected to weaker LTE network, If you have strong 3G or Wi-Fi connection in range, then Project Fi will make a switch to either the 3Gor the Wi-Fi network, which ever is stronger, from already connected LTE without losing a single byte of data. The switch between these two wireless network will require a special SIM card and a new technology. This SIM will also allow users to stay connected with partnered LTE networks. Currently, Google has partnered up with Sprint and T-Mobile for providing this facility. Therefore using this technology a user can be connected to two networks with a single SIM. Currently, the new service covers 120+ countries.


Users have to pay special tariffs to avail this unique service.  The plans are quite reasonable and cost you $20 to enable the service and then $10 per GB of data use, users can expand it up to 10GB. This plan will offer you access to unlimited domestic calls and texts, unlimited international texts, low-cost international calls at 20 cents per minute, and wi-fi tethering.

Money Back for unused data:

The main highlight of this service is that Google will give back money for unused data at the end of each month. For example, if you have subscribed to 1GBdata plan by paying $10 but, you only used 0.4GB, in that case, the unused data charge 1GB – 0.4GB = 0.6GB = $6, this $6 will be credited back to your account.

Stay tuned for more updates!
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