Google is about to push new Android Wear update with Speakers and new Gestures support


Google has officially announced a new update to the Android Wear platform, which is going to hit all the Android Wear powered smartwatches in coming weeks. The new update will come with the support of Speakers and few new gestures. The latest Android Wear update does bring the support for built-in speakers, which will allow the users to listen to incoming and outgoing calls as well as video and audio messages via certain apps. To let you know, the Huawei Watch and 49mm Asus ZenWatch 2 does have speakers built-in so, it will enable good experience for the owners who own it.
On the other hand, the new gestures support brings significant features to the Android Wear platform. The new gestures will run alongside the already existing Scroll up and down, which includes a lift, push and shake. Users can bring any of the cards by using these gestures. Google also enabled sending messages with user’s voice for popular third party apps so; they can send a WhatsApp message by saying “Ok Google” and followed by the message. This messaging feature is extended to Hangouts, Telegram, Viber, Nextplus and WeChat.
Google is doing really well in pushing the Android Wear platform to whole new level. We have already seen the seamless integration of Android OS across the different categorized devices, and we will be happy to see this kind of updates to Android Wear in future. Source

Stay tuned for more updates!
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