Nokia C1 Android Smartphone Spotted

Like most of the tech followers know that the acquisition of the Nokia’s mobile division by Microsoft is coming to an end. So, the Finland-based former market leader is allegedly planning to release smartphones under the Nokia brand. We have heard this kind of rumors couple of times but for the first time, we got the chance to see the live photos of the Nokia’s first Android-powered smartphone dubbed as Nokia C1. Let’s take a look at them.

Last week, we got some leaked images suggesting a slim machine that was sporting a uni-body design with an acceptable screen-to-body ratio. It seems to be running on Android platform as Nokia didn’t see much success with Windows Phone OS. Moreover, Nokia N1 Tablet is also running on Android with additional customization. Latest live snaps show us a body that is resembling the Nokia N1 tablet, which is good to hear. Source

vThe leaks also show that the alleged Nokia C1 is running on Android and is rumored to sport a 5-inch Full HD 1080P display instead of the previously rumored 720P HD screen. Under the hood includes an Intel Atom chipset, might be Atom X series one. The CPU is expecting to be backed by a 2GB RAM. There will be 8MP/5MP camera combo. The earlier specifications list is suggesting the mid-range smartphone instead of super high-end, which is yet to be confirmed.

We aren’t sure whether the device is made of plastic or metal, but we can witness an LED flash and a Nokia branding at the bottom of the device, which are hinting at high-quality metal uni-body. The device is expected to hit the market by next year, but nothing has been confirmed so far. We should see whether or not the company will bring Nokia C1 at affordable cost just like Nokia N1 Tablet.

Stay tuned for more updates!
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