How to Enable USB DeBugging on Android

To Enable USB DeBugging on Android:

Turn on Developer option first. ‘Developer Options’ is hidden in Android 4.2+. To enable this option:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then ‘About Phone/Tablet
  • Locate the ‘Build Number‘ option, and keep hitting it seven times.
  • You will see a toast stating, “You are now X steps away from becoming developer
  • Keep pressing until you see, “You are now a developer
  • Go back to settings and you will see the Developer options
  • Then go into developer option and touch on “USB Debugging
  • Remember to check “Verify Apps over USB” is turned on or not
  • If not turn it on!

Follow These steps while watching this video to correctly enable USB Debugging.

Hidden developer options/usb debugging mode once enabled will allow you to create a connection between your android device and your computer. This allows you to copy data between your device and your pc. You can download and use the Android Studio, to build, test, & debug apps for Android.

WARNING: USB Debugging should only be enabled when you need it. Leaving it enabled all the time is kind of a security risk for that this mode grants you high-level access to your device. Say if you connect your Android phone to a USB charging port in a public location, the port could use the USB access to your phone to access data on your phone or install malware. This could happen when and only when USB debugging mode is enabled.
To disable USB Debugging and other developer options when you don’t need them, slide the switch at the top of the screen to OFF.

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