Good News: Now add the flag of every country victimized by ISIS to your profile picture

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After Friday’s Paris attacks, Facebook activated a feature allowing people to super-impose the French flag over their profile picture.

Many criticized this idea, since this feature was not provided after terrorist attacks by ISIS on other countries, specially the Lebanon attacks which happened just a day earlier.

Now a website called the “All Flags Profile Photo Converter” developed a feature which allows people to super-impose the flags of all countries victimized by ISIS over their profile picture.

Here’s what the site says:

Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, Yemen, Nigeria, Cameroon, Bahrain, Russia, France, Egypt, Algeria, Afghan, Libya, Chad, Kenya. The country list is based on our research. We are not experts, so please help us complete the list. Contact us and we’ll add them

The website states “Show your support to all countries attacked by ISIS, add all their flags to your Facebook profile photo.

Upload your photo, click “convert,” and voila! A mash-up of 17 different countries’ flags will automatically be pasted over your picture.

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This is an interesting commentary on the what some have called “Facebook’s double-standard.”

Another website called LunaPics began offering users the option to convert their profile picture into a show of support for any individual country victimized by ISIS instead.

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It’s also important to remember that changing your Facebook photo is the bare minimum of activism, but the social platform becomes a huge breeding ground for what is and isn’t politically correct when discussing these terrorist attacks. Source

Stay tuned for more updates!
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