Yu Yuphoria Vs Yureka Comparison

Yu Yuphoria Vs Yureka Comparison

So, here we are with both the stars of Micromax’s YU flagship phones, on one corner is the recently launched Yuphoria and on the other, a little older Yureka. Both devices are value for money and grabbed people’s attention moments after their launch. The launch of Yureka forced people into the dilemma  of whether to buy Xiaomi Redmi 2 or Yureka but at the end Yureka won. Now, the launch of Yuphoira pushed people into another dilemma, this time whether to buy Yureka or Yuphoria. Therefore we decided to solve people’s ‘dilemma’ by comparing the two devices. Lets find out who’s the winner.

When we stumble upon a brand new phone, the first thing we notice is that phone’s look. So, the first face off between the two phones will be regarding its look and feel. Yureka measures 154.8 x 78 x 8.8 mm while Yuphoria measures 142.4 x 73 x 8.19 mm, so Yureka wins with bigger dimension, point 1 goes to Yureka. Next comes how heavy they are, in this area Yuphoria wins with 143 g which is 34 g less than Yureka’s 177g so point 1 for Yuphoria. Then comes the style factor, here Yureka wins with its elegant and clean design, 2points for Yureka. After that comes screen size, here again Yureka wins with 5.5 inch screen which is .5inch more than the Yuphoria with a 5 inch screen, point 3. Talking about screen resolution, in this case its a tie with the same 1280 x 720 pixels. But when we look into pixel density, Yuphoria is a clear winner with 294 PPI which is 27 PPI more than Yureka’s 267 PPI, point 2 for Yuphoria. There’s another feature which Yuphoria bosts of, it is its Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Screen Protection, which Yureka lacks, point 3 for Yuphoria. Till now, both devices are tied with 3 points each. So, lets see if specs can help us determine a clear winner.

When we talk about specs the first thing which comes in our mind is processor, Yureka is famous for its 1.5 GHz Octa Core Snapdragon 615 processor which is way faster than Yuphoria’s 1.2 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 410 processor, therefore point 4 goes in favor of Yureka. Then comes RAM here again there is a tie with both featuring 2GB of RAM. In the Graphics department Yureka takes the lead with Adreno 405 GPU which is more than Yuphoria’s Adreno 306 GPU, Yureka 5 points. After that comes OS here Yuphoria wins as it offers Cynogen 12 out of the box while Yureka is still lagging behind  Cynogen 11, point 4 for Yuphoria. On the camera front Yureka wins with its superior 13MP front shooter as compared to Yuphoria’s 8MP while featuring similar 5 MP front shooter, Yureka maintaining the lead with 6 points. Speaking about the battery again Yureka wins with its more powerful 2500mAh unit as compared to Yuphoria’s 2230mAh unit which is around 12% more than Yuphoria’s, Yureka gaining match winning 7 points. In rest of the features both score equally, which includes memory of 16 GB each, 4G LTE connectivity, GPS and sensors.

But, Yuphoria has one last trick up its sleeves, which is a lighter on the pocket price tag of Rs 6999 which is 2000 bucks less than Yureka’s price tag of Rs 8999, so the final point goes to Yuphoria, bagging a total of 5 points. Unfortunately this trick wasn’t enough for Yuphoria, which leaves us with a clear winner. Yureka it is, who won the bout with a total of 7 points, 2 points more than its competitor’s 5 points.

So, at the end Yureka again proved its mettle by first defeating Xiaomi’s Red MI 2 and now Yuphoria. Therefore, to conclude all we can say is that, Yureka remains the undefeated champion of the budget smartphone world. Which is lickly to stay even in future as the up coming smart phone Huawei Honor 4C seems no match in comparison to Yureka.

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