Future BlackBerry Phones Will Run On Android OS

BlackBerry to Run On Android OS

BlackBerry fans its time to celebrate! a new rumor has hit the smartphone world, according to recent reports BlackBerry is working on an entry level smartphone named Prague which could possibly run on Android OS and feature the trademark physical QWERTY keyboard.

The move of introducing Android in BlackBerry phones, by the Canadian giant, was made to use Android’s popularity to regain BlackBerry’s dominance in the smartphone market. The entry level smartphone, which resembles the BlackBerry Z3, was designed keeping loyal Asian BlackBerry fans in mind.

Reports also suggests that the phone is now production ready and could launch in the upcoming months. To be more precise this August.

Rumors about the launch of an Android run BlackBerry smartphone are not new. Earlier this year there where rumors which professed about the launch of an Android run BlacckBerry smartphone called Venice, which resembled LG’s G4, turned out to be false, when the phone was actually released.

So, lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that this rumor turns out to be true. Stay tuned for more updates!
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