Yu Yureka Lollipop Vs KitKat performance Comparision

Yu Yureka Lollipop Vs KitKat performance Comparision
As you know, YU officially started pushing Android Lollipop 5.0.2 update with Cynogen OS 12 on top for Yureka smartphones a while ago. By now most of Yureka user’s have already updated their device to the latest version of OS and those who haven’t yet got the update, don’t worry just wait for some more days and you shall get it very soon. The over-the-air update is of around 700MB.

What’s New!

The new Lollipop update with Cyanogen OS 12 UI will bring loads of Android Lollipop goodies such as new Material design, ART runtime to help apps open up twice as faster as earlier, lock screen notification to help users see all the notification right from the lockscreen no need to unlock the phone in order tho read the notification, Project Volta to boost battery power by upto 30%, etc.

Apart from the usual Lollipop goodies, the Cyanogen 12 OS will also offer new features like Cyanogen Mail powered by Boxer which is free for all Cyanogen OS users. C-mail will also provide facilities like Exchange support, Multiple account integration, Canned responses for faster replies and ability to select different LED tones for notifications and advanced settings to configure what should happen when user swipes left or swipes right on mail. The highlight of this update on C-Mail is an addition of new Free and Paid themes.

Performance Comparison:

Although Lollipop has brought about massive improvements in  performance on the present hardware, however some people reportedly downgraded from Lollipop to KitKat stating various reason. This made us perform little tests on both Lollipop and KitKat version to check why some people choose to downgrade from Lollipop to KitKat. But first lets look into the pros which the new Lollipop version brought in Yureka. First off, the 64-bit processor  received a  64-bit optimized software, all new Material Design with eye-feasting animations and transitions, ART runtime which made apps open twice as fast. All these features worked as it where supposed to. The area which showed no considerable improvements were Games. Yes you heard it right unfortunately there was no major improvements in the game department. This could be due to the apps which still support 32-bit processors. So, in order to see improvements you have to update your apps as well.

On daily use basis you will definitely notice smoother user experience because of ART runtime, material design and improved animations and transitions. But we still conducted some tests on various performance testing apps like AnTuTu, Quadrant and GeekBench 3 to technically gauge the performance difference between the two versions. On AnTuTu we got 28927, which is surprisingly less than that on Kitkat (31274). On Quadrant Standard we got 20105 from 17412 which is a considerable jump. On GeekBench 3 for the Single-Core test we got 669 from 631. Although these benchmark test core give a detailed performance comparisons on both Lollipop and KilKat, but actual performance difference will vary from one user to another and their RAM availability.


To sum, all we can say is that, based on daily use users will see considerable improvement in user experience. Some users noticed heating problem and random reboot problem after the new update. Other users even complained that while receiving a call the screen went blank. We are sure that by now, Yu have already started working on fixing these problems. So, you should see solution to these problem in their next update.

All we can suggest is that, you should free up more RAM and internal memory along with removing useless apps from your phone, as it may help the system run smoothly. Overall, Lollipop brings a lot of improvements in performance but the problems noticed by certain users are evident to not just Yureka users but to all other users who have updated from KitKat to Lollipop even from other company’s phone.

Stay tuned for more!
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