Facebook Hello: New Android dialer app

Since a couple of years, Facebook has been trying to launch various Android apps with its own services. Facebook Home, the stand alone messenger app, Facebook groups app, the stand alone Facebook groups management app and other similar apps. These apps are still struggling to get popularity. This time, Facebook has come up with another Android application called “Hello”, which Facebook targets to replace the native Android dialer application. But this app by Facebook looks promising unlike earlier apps by Facebook.

Hello app aims to replace your native Android dialer with a brand new Material design inspired Blue and White UI. The app will work some what like True Caller App as it can prove to be very useful to know the true identity of the caller even if that contact doesn’t exist in your phone because it uses Facebook’s database to track down the identity of the caller. Facebook has been asking its users to provide phone number to their associated Facebook account. This will help Facebook track the true identity of the caller as it has billions of users world wide.

Another great feature of this app is that if you get a miss call from unknown number, Hello will allow you to send a message using messenger to that unknown number. Facebook promises its new app users will call blocking facilities soon. Facebook has finally come up with a useful application. For now the app is only for Android users and can be download from PlayStore for free.

 Stay tuned for more updates!

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