YU Yureka officially rollingout Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update.

The wait is finally over. YU has officially started rolling out Android Lollipop update to Yureka smartphone. Since, this is Over-The-Air (OTA) update therefore every Yureka owner might not end up getting this right away. The rollout started today and will be done in phases over the next couple of days.

New Features:

The update will be Android 5.0.2 system with Cyanogen Operating System. This update will offer major improvements in the operating system along with Lolipop’s new Material design. The highlight of the new update is its new Lockscreen Notifications feature which allows you to check all your notifications right from the lockscreen itself. Other features included in this new update will be ART runtime (to open apps twice as fast as earlier) and 64-bit chips (will help Snapdragon 615 chip deliver a lot better user experience). The only down side of this update is Project Volta which consume up to 30% more juice from your battery

Along with stock Android Lollipop, Cyanogen OS will introduces an all new feature called Cyanogen Mail. Powered by Boxer which is free for all Cyanogen OS users. This feature will bring Exchange support, Multiple account integration, Canned responses for faster replies and the ability to select different LED colors for notifications. Users will be further able to choose what should happen when user swips left or  right on a mail. There will be some critical bugs and security fixes too. Overall, this update will surely bring a smile on Yureka owner’s face.

Updating to Android Lollipop: 

After reading all the above mentioned features, you must be very eager to update your Yureka., but dont know know to do it? Dont worry we are happy to help. We will guide you through the procedure of updating your Yureka. So, lets begin!

To update your Yureka goto Settings – About Phone – Software Updates – Check. You will be notified with a message once your device is ready to recieve the update. If you see the message appear on your screen. Cheers! just tap on it and the download will begin on its own, but before you begin the download process make sure your device has full charge if not connect it to a charger as it make a lot of time for the update to finish.

 Another thing to check is that your device is connected to high-speed internet to avoid errors during downloading. That’s it when the download is complete your device will enter update mode to initiate the updation process. All you have to do now is sit back and relax, your device will take care of the rest of the updation process. Check after sometime whether the update is finished or not. If yes, then you are done, if not wait for some more time, as I said earlier it may take quite some time to complete the updation process.

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