Microsoft Cortana App Hacked for Android, now called Portana.

Breaking news: An Italian hacker group called OrangeSec, has claimed to have ported Cortana to Android device. This Android version of Cortana for now supports only Italian language and it doesn’t work offline. This Android version of Cortana, now named as Portana, as it was ported to the Android device, works on Microsoft’s backed end servers to retrieve data, OrangeSec made it functional using a combination of hardware proxies, custom SSL certificates and DNS spoofing but it cannot interact with native Android applications as it is not a full port. The team announced that there is no big possibilities to see this concept available for public as even Cortana is no where to be matched with, Google’s Now, they just did this to let the world know about the possibilities of Cortana for cross platform.

They are right, because ‘Google Now’ is way ahead than Cortana or Samsung’s S voice and even Apple’s Siri when it comes to digital voice assistant category. However, Microsoft has big plans for Cortana in forthcoming build for Windows 10.

We don’t know how Microsoft will react to this. We think Microsoft is smart enough to not challenge Google Now’s domination in Android devices, but to expand their availability on different devices which run on Windows OS. But we do know is that Microsoft has announced that they are planning to bring Cortana for PCs and Tablets. For now, there has been no official announcements yet on the future availability of Cortana for Android or iOS. If  Microsoft launches Cortana for Android or iOS, it will surely become one of the best alternative for Google Now on Android and Siri on iOS.

Stay tuned for more updates!
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